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The Skin We Live In


“The Skin We Live In” commemorated it’s opening at Canvas gallery on the 3rd of September, 2019. The show includes; Amna Rahman’s work, with realistic portraits of her subjects that are intended to not only be picturesque, but moreover embody the artist’s feelings and emotions towards the subject. The work itself having the undertones of melancholy, what she feels is a “reflection of myself.”



Ahmed Ali Manganhar’s work depicts an emotional representation spread over a decade of transient journeys. He works on slates with quite prominent brushstrokes and an array of colors to aid the contextual nature of the work, forever encapsulating a memory or a feeling in visual embodiment.



Yaseen Khan’s work, being much more contextually and technically local, revives the act of Chamak Patti to narrate the vast cultural difference between various regions of Pakistan, using visual themes of noise and error to portray the communication gap.



Anusha Ramchand, on the other hand, has worked with screen printing and fiber glass structures in what seems to be a play on personal identity or lack thereof.



‘’The Skin We Live In’’ is intended to run till the 12th of September, 2019



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