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October 2014


The Lens of An Assured Eye

by Aasim Akhtar

“Money creates taste.” – Jenny Holzer“What you really collect is always yourself.” – Jean Baudrillard The urge to acquire and own art is a time-honoured one. From the grand patronage of Renaissance popes and princes (not to mention de Medici)...


The Art of Collecting

by Jamal Ashiqain

It is the case with almost all collectors who collect art with a passion, that all the walls and spaces in their house will end up being filled to the inch with one artwork after another, to the point that they run out of space. Then with a heavy hea...


Interview with Mobina Zuberi

by Aasim Akhtar

Interview with Mobina Zuberi – painter, art collector, and former gallery owner – conducted in Islamabad by Aasim Akhtar. Excerpts follow: Aasim Akhtar: Let’s start at the very beginning. You have always nurtured a fondness for art, havin...


Running the Printmaking Marathon

by Rabeya Jalil

Semblance of Order at Koel GalleryFantasy Asia at IVS GallerySydney-Lahore at the Saeed Akhtar Studio Some exciting news for artists in Pakistan and abroad who aspire to continue their practices in traditional Printmaking; The second week of Septem...


The Importance of Staying Quiet | Yallay Gallery, Hong Kong

16 October, 2014

Vienna Art Fair | 2-5 October 2014

05 October, 2014


Interested in collecting art but don't know where to begin?  For a newcomer to art, the art market can be daunting. Even a co...

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