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March 2015


Territorial Re-arrangements: Attabad Lake, a potential border

by Zahra Hussain

This essay is an attempt to reflect upon the territorial challenges that are faced by post-conflict and emergency zones of Pakistan. It speculates the temporary and permanent consequences of an event on space. It uses the Attabad lake incident as the point to explore social and cultural ramifications of crisis and to comment upon the larger concepts of borders, boundaries and the emerging visual c...


Challenging Perceptions: Iran

by Nadir Toosy



The Body is Present: A Conversation with Vito Acconci

by Natasha Jozi

"The reasons why most of my work became design- and architecture-based, was that for me people had to be in middle of things. And art puts people in front of things."


Noorjehan Bilgrami: Under the Molsri Tree

by Aasim Akhtar

Noorjehan’s works are the music scores of a memory from afar as much as those of an instant in life, whose melodic, rhythmic and poetic aspects are played continuously like a raga.


ArtNow presented the second Art Section at the Karachi Literature Festival, with talks featuring internationally renowned ar...

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Dreamscape, a performance and installation art evening, was held at Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, with the curatorial theme of "co...

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Imran Mir in his studio Imran Mir: 'Twelfth Paper on Modern Art' ExhibitionBook Launch: What You See Is What You See17 Dece...

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Interested in collecting art but don't know where to begin?  For a newcomer to art, the art market can be daunting. Even a co...

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