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    Cell phone photography in Tahrir Square
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    The Camera as Witness

    by Madyha Leghari

      Most technological advances that are of potential use in war are typically tested in …

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    by Zarmeene Shah

      A town in the province of Biscay in the Basque Country in Spain, Guernica …

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    A trickle of water

    by Jehanzeb Haroon

    Water has been held as sacred in all of the world’s major religions; from the …

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    In conversation with Naiza Khan on her participation in the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial and more.

    by Jovita Alvares

    Living and working between Karachi and London, Pakistani born artist, Naiza Khan received her formal …

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      While discussing his views on cinema and the moving image in an interview, Jean …

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    by Maheen Aziz

    As the celebrations of the Independence Day were in full swing, Art Citi geared up …

    Constellation I
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    Distance between Two Points

    by NImra Khan

      The economic and social shifts of the modern world bring with it the rapid …

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    The Inordinate Law of Crystals

    by Shanal Kazi

    In a world where identity is marred by facades, deception of what is and isn’t, …

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    Ankahi – an untold story

    by Maheen Aziz

    During small breaks at work I usually scroll on social media to keep an eye …

    canvas solo 6
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    Once Forgotton

    by Jovita Alvares

    With societies in constant motion and fresher trends hitting the scene ever so frequently, it …

    Eqbal_Mehdi (1)
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    Eqbal Mehdi – An exhibition for a good cause

    by Maheen Aziz

    There are few names in the Pakistani art history whose bodies might have left this …

    pehchan 7
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    by Jovita Alvares

    As celebrations loomed over Pakistan on its 71st day of Independence, Karachi’s art scene joined …

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    Art for a Cause

    by Rosa Maria Falvo

    This project, bravely initiated by the Italian Friends of The Citizens Foundation (IFTCF) here in …

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    Juxtaposed Femininity

    by Shameen Arshad

    The exhibit Juxtaposed Femininity displayed at My Art World on the 16th of August, 2018 …

    in 20 steps venice biennale (2015 image by duco volker courtesy of pace gallery
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    Studio Drift at the Stedelijk Museum  

    by Shireen Ikram

      Lonneke Gordjin and Ralph Nauta, the Dutch duo who work under the name Studio …


    Being Pakistani: Society, Culture and the Arts

    by Dua Abbas Rizvi  

      Raza Rumi, over the course of his impressive career spanning journalism, pedagogy, and political …

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    Ever Let the Fancy Roam

    by Saniya Hussain

    Growing up in a culture such as Pakistan where oral traditions, folklore, storytelling have been …

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    Urban Decay and Resurrection – Haider Ali’s Conurbations

    by Noor Butt

    The city remains a subject of constant intrigue among local artists, and Karachi as the …

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    by Sara Yawar

    When we are discussing the technique of ‘miniature’, not only does the unique use of …

    Jhoomer19.5 x 19.5 inches Acrylics on Canvas
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    Kacha Gosht

    by Mehjabeen Soomro

      Homo is in its absolute brain size, large body and lower limb morphology with …

    Affan Baghpati Surmedani
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    Sweeping Back the Sea

    by Nageen Shaikh

        New York city’s Aicon Gallery exhibits works of fifteen contemporary Pakistani artists, inspiring …

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    RETROSPECTIVE: Anna Molka Ahmed, One of Pakistan’s Early Art Pioneers

    by Marjorie Hussain

      Anna Molka Ahmed was the first art teacher in Pakistan to take her students …



    His work emerging out of Vasl residency proves that the city for Haider Ali Naqvi …

    September 17, 2018

    Akram Dost’s imagery serves an impetus of such visual delights involving metaphors, dreams, delusions, emotions, …

    September 11, 2018

    ArtKaam Gallery proudly brings an exclusive group exhibition titled “HIM&HER” of 3 renowned Artist Couples …

    September 10, 2018

    This exhibition celebrated the launch of the VM Centre for Traditional Arts and its new …

    September 7, 2018

    TURHAN – THE BEAUTIFUL, THE BIZARRE   The two Lahore based artists, Hoor Imad Sherpao …

    September 6, 2018

    Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Miniature painting, along with a Masters in Visual Arts, …

    September 5, 2018

    Something Else was inaugurated on August 28th 2018 at Koel Gallery.   Rabeya Jalil’s art …

    September 4, 2018

    Omar Kahani   Selections of works by Omar Farid were displayed at VM gallery on …

    September 3, 2018

    Zahoor ul Akhlaq once wrote a letter from Canada to his friend and collector in …

    For Christo’s sake Spectacularly present on London’s Serpentine Lake South London, the sculpture ‘The London …

    August 31, 2018