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May 2014


The Return of the Diaspora: Some Scattered Remarks

by Adnan Madani

“Diasporist art is contradictory at its heart, being both internationalist and particularist. It can be inconsistent, which is a major blasphemy against the logic of much art education, because life in Diaspora is often inconsistent and tense; schism...


Between, Across and Through

by Lali Khalid

This work is about following. I follow myself with a camera, and frame where I am.


Amin Rehman: A Subversive Scribe

by Dua Abbas Rizvi

‘He had been taught that language was essentially inadequate, that it could never speak what was there, that it only spoke itself…What had happened to him was that the ways in which it could be said had become more interesting than the idea that it c...


Displacement Anxieties

by Madiha Sikander

Too often we underestimate the power of place in our lives. The sense of belonging it evokes at times and alienation at others. The concept of displacement and migration has become a recurrent theme internationally. But here we speak of the disp...


ArtNow presented a series of Terrace Talks at Art Dubai, featuring the launch of the Lahore Biennale Foundation, the pre...

April, 01, 2015 98 Comment

ArtNow is proud to present the 2nd Lifetime Achievement award to Jalal Uddin Ahmed for his significant contributions towards the...

March, 18, 2015 9 Comment

ArtNow presented the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival, featuring 'Speaking in Tongues', an exhibition curated...

March, 03, 2015 22 Comment

ArtNow presents the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival featuring 'Through the Looking Glass: A Selection of Work...

March, 03, 2015 250 Comment

ArtNow presented the second Art Section at the Karachi Literature Festival, with talks featuring internationally renowned ar...

February, 26, 2015 85 Comment

Dreamscape, a performance and installation art evening, was held at Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, with the curatorial theme of "co...

December, 23, 2014 166 Comment

Imran Mir in his studio Imran Mir: 'Twelfth Paper on Modern Art' ExhibitionBook Launch: What You See Is What You See17 Dece...

December, 17, 2014 35 Comment

Interested in collecting art but don't know where to begin?  For a newcomer to art, the art market can be daunting. Even a co...

October, 01, 2014 187 Comment