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    Artist residency 'Outlandia' in Glen Nevis, designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects. Courtesy of London Fieldworks.
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    The Residency; as Retreat, Relational and Relief

    by Madyha Leghari

    The cropping up of artist residencies in past two or so decades, seems almost be …

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    Artists’ Residencies and the creative’s world

    by Saulat Ajmal

      It’s not that you can’t hear the birds chirping every day. You just have …

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    Keeray Makoray Kar-ache-ee

    by Raheel Lakani

     This photo essay is inspired by the plane landings at Karachi Airport at nights, where …

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    The Politics of Annihilation – Adeela Suleman

    by Rabia S. Akhtar

      As the narratives of brutality, apprehension and danger, woven into Karachi’s fabric are dwelled …

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    “UN-WEAVE”: The Quiet Imaginings of Sabina Gillani

    by Laila Rahman

      In her recent solo exhibition titled Un-Weave, at Lahore’s prestigious Rohtas 2 Gallery, in …

    Sultan, Village scene, Water colour on paper, 1968
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    S.M. Sultan – An Impressive Impressionist

    by Ali Adil Khan

    I recently came across a set of rare pre-1971 paintings by Sheikh Mohammed Sultan (1923-1994) …

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    Remembering Zahoor Ul Akhlaq

    by Shumaila Islam

      “Zahoor ul Akhlaq –  Friend. Artist. Teacher.” started from 4th to 16th February 2020. …

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    Pearls of peace season III

    by Maheen Aziz

      Jamshoro holds the history of being the host of the first ever biennale held …

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    The Weight of Paint

    by Noor Ahmed

      A harmonious orchestration of material and artistry, replete with quaking compaction of gluttonous elements …

    Imran Ali Kazmi Oil Painting 2
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    Classical Perspectives

    by Nahya Jahanghir Khan

    We are consumed by urbanisation and modernity, facing the great challenge of disconnecting from our …

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    Body Memories

    by Ammara Jabbar

      A gentle murmur, the thrashing ballet of the bear, a hair swung across the …

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    The whimsy of 1×1

    by Ammara Jabbar

      1×1 was a simultaneous occurrence of shows in three different cities that brought together …

    mareeha safdar
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    Red on the Spectrum

    by Nageen Shaikh

      Does red magic exist in cultural settings where insidious black magic or “kala jadoo” …

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    Caravaggio-Bernini: Baroque in Rome

    by Shireen Ikramullah Khan  

      Caravaggio-Bernini. Baroque in Rome is an exhibition of more than seventy masterpieces by Caravaggio, Bernini …

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    by Fatima Ghulam  

      Interestingly public is not aware of public art, at least in Pakistan. Still artists …

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    Bashir Mirza: the inventor of BM

    by Iram Zia

      This retrospective text on one of post-partition Pakistan’s pioneering artists, Bashir Mirza or “BM” …



      A solo show by Waseem Ahmed opened at Sanat Initiative on April 6th, 2021 …

    April 19, 2021

    Past Present Future is the inaugural show that marks the beginning of Koel Gallery & …

    April 13, 2021

      A solo show by Faizan Reindinger, curated by Humayun Memon and co-curated by Huma …

    February 22, 2021

    At the end of the year 2020, Sanat initiative hosted a solo show of Zahid …

    January 5, 2021

      Koel Gallery opened a solo show of Imran Ahmad. IMRAN AHMAD is the Curator at …

    December 7, 2020

      Canvas gallery hosted a solo show of David Alesworth titled ‘ The careless mapping’ …

    December 4, 2020

    Canvas gallery hosted a solo show by Rabeya Jalil titled Marks and Meanings. She questions …

    November 13, 2020

        AAN Gandhara hosted a solo show of Adeel Uz Zafar on Oct 27th …

      Eclectic mix is a group show curated by Adeel Uz Zafar opened on Nov …

    November 11, 2020

        Full circle hosted a group show on Nov 6th, 2020 titled Sum of five’.  …