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    Notes on the Artist’s Mind

    by Omer Wasim

      It is difficult to decipher or talk about what goes on inside an artist’s …

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    A Walk with Dada

    by Zoila Solomon

      Dear Dada,   I remember patiently waiting for the clock to strike 4.30pm. I …

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    In conversation with Sumaira Tazeen

    by Jovita Alvares, Artnow

    Pakistani born artist, Sumaira Tazeen received her BFA in Miniature Painting in 1996 from the …

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    In Conversation with Sajjad Ahmed

    by Ammara Jabbar

      Sajjad Ahmed has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, in Pakistan and internationally. …

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    In Conversation with Riffat Alvi

    by Noor Ahmed

    Artnow’s Noor Ahmed in conversation with Riffat Alvi about the artist’s expanding and evolving journey. …

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    Just Hang me on the Wall, I Will Show you How to Dance!

    by Zohreen Murtaza  

      In the poem “I Would Like to be a Dot in a Painting by …

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    Sumaya Durrani- the Unbridled Silence of an Enraptured Soul

    by Saira Danish Ahmed

      I remember seeing Sumaya Durrani’s lithographs while I was a student of art in …

    Danish Ahmed
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    Danish Ahmed- CONSUMED

    by Faiza Habib

    Modern art redefined reasons for producing art, thus, changing the role of art and the …

    Portrait with Moneyscacpe VI Photo by Diego Flores
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    Inside the mind of Abdullah M I Syed

    by Maheen Aziz, Artnow

      Dr. Abdullah M. I. Syed is a renowned Pakistani-born contemporary artist and designer working …


    Seeing and being seen

    by Maheen Aziz, Artnow

      A group show of National College of Arts (NCA) graduates, titled “Seeing and Being …

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    A deep dive in a beauty pool

    by Maheen Aziz, Artnow

      The first thing that is noticed in humans is their face and, then other …

    24. untitled 7.5_ x 7.5_ Acrylic on Wasli
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    Closer than you think…

    by Jovita Alvares, Artnow

      Have you ever tried to educe a memory? Is it absolutely accurate, beginning to …

    Jovita Alvares7 (1)
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    Rioting to Life

    by Saira Danish Ahmed, Artnow

        A popular and prevalent backdrop in Karachi the Bougainvillea rampages across the metropolis …

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    Nirgun Maala-Koel Gallery

    by Rabia S. Akhtar

      Lifeless forms; beads, paper, gossamer thread, perhaps may exist merely as props in an …

    Untitled 5 - Amna Rahman
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    I have to tell you a story.

    by Maha Minhaj

      Nayyirah Waheed recently tweeted:   “..when there is an old intimacy… with new friends.” …

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    Unfinished Conversations with Lahore

    by Sabeen Ahsan

    Nashmia Haroon’s solo exhibition ‘Unfinished Conversations with Lahore’ at Rohtas 2 showcased works in the …

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    Tearing Apart the Envelope

    by Varda Nisar

      The question of identity is nothing new –all of us have asked this question …

    Eye Body-36 Transformative Actions for Camera
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    Retrospective: Kinetic Painting- Carolee Schneemann at MoMA PS1

    by Nageen Shaikh

    “Covered in paint, grease, chalk, rope, plastic, I establish my body as visual territory. Not …

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    Sight Specific – Mohammad Ali Talpur in London

    by Lavinia Filippi

      In the past weeks art lovers have been hearing about quite a few Pakistan-related …



    by Fatima Ghulam  

      Normally a peaceful specie, artists, of and on argue, quarrel and question about the …

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    Five Selfish Dreamers in London

    by Lavinia Filippi

      Five are the artists selected by curator Zahra Khan for You Selfish Dreamer, the …

    Saqiba Suleman, Untitled, Oil & Acryic on Canvas - ArtRooms Fair
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    London Calling, of Art Fairs and Pakistani Art

    by Sarah Imran Ali

    London has been a hub for both art and culture for many years, and the …

    You are not what you eat ()
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    by Faiza Habib

    Art materializes what the thinkers and visionaries theorize. It consolidates emotions, thoughts, and experiences to …

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    Home 1947

    by Ammara Jabbar

    Home 1947 investigated the concept of home and a sense of self within the larger …


      Flesh rots to bone, taking our faces and figures with it. But clip a …

    February 15, 2018

    SLANT MAN OF THE PEOPLE February 08, 2018 • Matthew Weinstein View of “Michelangelo: : Divine …

    Plans for Grand Palais’s €466m facelift revealed: six new galleries and a Chanel-sponsored entrance Three-year …

    February 14, 2018

      While walking in a field of wheat, rice, cotton or any other crop, one …

    February 13, 2018

      Like any mystery, the future is unknown – distant, but desirable. For both the …

    One is not sure how the police constables react here when they catch a person …

    February 12, 2018

    Pakistani art publications are claiming their space on coffee tables, bookshelves, and in stores, e-shops …

      After years of living and working in the New York art world, Isa Lorenzo …

    February 8, 2018

    The 10th year of the India Art Fair, or the IAF, heralds a new chapter …

    “Art has been defined over and over as man’s highest spiritual expression, superior even to …

    February 2, 2018