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    Mihrab of Sultan Ibrahim Mosque in the Fortezza of Rethymno, Crete

    From the ‘Silence of Language’ to a ‘Language of Silence’

    by Julius John Alam

    In the Republic (514a – 520a), Plato has Socrates describe, in what is known as …

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    The Beautiful Excuse of ‘Light’

    by Sehr Jalil

    “Finding your self – yes it’s this huge park in San Diego where we live …

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    Spirituality in Art

    by Nashmia Haroon

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    Studio Visit: Rashid Arshed – The Gentle Giant of Art

    by Ali Adil Khan

    Rashid Arshed lives in Montclair, California – a quiet suburb of Los Angeles. From a …

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    Unravelling the Conundrum of Language

    by Zohreen Murtaza

    The nod of deference. The soft, submissive acceptance. A profusion of polite thank yous. As …

    Notes Towards Silence 3
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    No Man’s Land

    by Dua Abbas Rizvi

    There is no one way of looking at this work. Ostensibly about silence, it is …

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    by Shameen Arshad

    The calligraphy show “Alfaaz” was put up on display at My Art World, Islamabad on …

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    You Should Know Him By Now

    by Ammara Jabbar

    The radical institutionalization of art practices that have thrived on the precedent of anarchist sentiments …

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    Quat and Paste

    by Sabeen Ahsan

    The cleverly envisaged ‘Qut’ of a kalm which becomes ‘Quat’ foreshadows the surprise that awaits …

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    Potpourri XXVI

    by Numair A. Abbasi

    In recent decades artists have progressively expanded the boundaries of art in efforts to engage …

    aqeel solanghi
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    by Osama Khalid

    If you were looking to escape the relentless heat and shrivelled mood during this summer …

    we to go to gallery

    Book Review: We Go to the Gallery

    by ArtNow

    Normally books are written and published so they can be read. But certain books compel …


    Lucid Dreams

    by Fatima Nadeem

    For any audience, what’s more exciting than being exposed to productions of talent? It’s the …



    ArtNow presented a series of Terrace Talks at Art Dubai, featuring the launch of the …

    March 3, 2016

    ArtNow is proud to present the 2nd Lifetime Achievement award to Jalal Uddin Ahmed for …

    ArtNow presented the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival, featuring ‘Speaking in Tongues’, …

    March 2, 2016

    ArtNow presents the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival featuring ‘Through the Looking …

    February 11, 2016

    ArtNow presented the second Art Section at the Karachi Literature Festival, with talks featuring internationally …

    February 10, 2016

    Imran Mir: ‘Twelfth Paper on Modern Art’ Exhibition Book Launch: What You See Is What …

    Interested in collecting art but don’t know where to begin? For a newcomer to art, …

    February 6, 2016

    Dreamscape, a performance and installation art evening, was held at Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, with …

    January 1, 2015