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        The word diaspora derives from the Greek words for “disperse” and “scatter” and …

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    In Between Time and Space

    by Hurmat Ul Ain

        Communities and individuals, whose identities are post-national, not limited by geographical boundaries and …

    06. A new stage (1)
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    Connecting Flights

    by Lali Khalid

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    In Conversation with Nusra Latif Qureshi

    by Amber Hammad

        AH: Can you tell our readers about your background? I come from Lahore, …

    Faiza Butt-LB- copy 2
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    Faiza Butt – A profile

    by Saima Munawar

    Bold, vibrant, dynamic, intelligent, beautiful, eloquent are some of the words that can be conjured …

    Ujala khan- mercury
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    Vagaries of a non-objective mind

    by Maheen Aziz

      A two-person show titled ‘Vagaries of a non-objective mind’ opened at Full Circle Gallery, …

    SPACES without price Catalogue
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    by Jovita Alvares

      Existing in a space essentially creates a non-verbal conversation between the participant and their …

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    by Jovita Alvares

    In honour of their one-year anniversary, Art Kaam Gallery held a group show displaying works …

    Spectacle series of 4
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    Spectacle-less – 6/6

    by Rabeya Jalil

      Does one need to have prior academic understanding of Visual Arts or the professional …

    Picasso Pablo (dit), Ruiz Picasso Pablo (1881-1973). Paris, musée national Picasso - Paris. MP67.
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    Picasso Metamorfosi  

    by Shireen Ikramullah Khan  

      The Picasso Metamorfosi (Picasso Metamorphosis) exhibition has been organized from October 18th, 2018 to …

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    BOOK REVIEW| Monkey’s Right to Paint And the Post-Duchamp Crisis  

    by Nabah Ali Saad

      Monkey’s Right to Paint And the Post-Duchamp Crisis By Bedri Baykam Illustrated. 319 pp. …

    Qinza Najm 6
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    Silence in Rebellion

    by Noor Butt

      Having grown up witnessing subtleties of gendered violence and dealing with prohibitions of the …

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    As the Light Turns

    by Sara Yawar

    Pakistani based artist and writer Omer Wasim explores the queer qualities of urban spaces and …

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    War and Social Criticism

    by Nimra Khan

    It is not often that art audiences in Pakistan get to experience works that offer …

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    Existential Predicament

    by Maha Sohail

      John Russell, in his book The Meaning of Modern Art: History as Nightmare, Vol. …

    Hamra Abbas Paradise Bath (2009)
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    Art for Education: Contemporary Artists of Pakistan at Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini

    by Nageen Shaikh

      A valuable collaboration between one of Asia’s largest non-for-profit educational organizations and a leading …

    Kanwal Tariq
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    Of Full Presence

    by Madyha Leghari

    Body becoming was the latest exhibition of in a series of conversations, workshops, and performances …

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    No Filter

    by Sanya Hussain

    Curated by Pomme Amina Gauhar, the show “No Filter” opened on November 15th at the …

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    A.S. Rind

    by Sara Yawar

    Concept and symbolism have always been two highly essential factors of art, rather two perspectives; …

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    Shemza: No longer the unsung hero

    by  Iram Zia Raja

        Prologue: “The creative being exists in multi-layered realities; “the temporal-spatial”, the physical, the …



      Studio Seven invites you to the opening exhibition of Jaffer Hasan in collaboration with …

    December 18, 2018

      The 25th Convocation of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture took place …

    December 12, 2018

      This International Day for Tolerance, November 16th, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation created a space of …

    November 26, 2018

    November 16, 2018

      The history of watercolor paintings dates back to the paintings of Paleolithic Europe, when …

    November 12, 2018

    A tribute to Lala Rukh Years of drawing together was an activity we shared, working …

    November 7, 2018

    BOUNDARIES…BOUNDLESS   We are both defined by and define our boundaries. The boundaries of time …

    November 1, 2018

    “Vagaries of a Non-Objective Mind” a two person show featuring works by Ujala Khan and …

    October 31, 2018