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    Culture, Ecology and the City | Can the Culture of Arts Influence Citizen Participation to Create an Inclusive Society?

    by Nabah Ali Saad

      In 1962, anthropologist Charles O. Frake defined cultural ecology as “the study of the …

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    Disrupting Nature’s Course

    by Sakina Hassan

      In one of the crevices of the Indian Ocean, lies a vibrant city: Karachi. …

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    The multi-faceted journey of Arshad Farooqui

    by Ammad Tahir

    We live in times of visual crisis. We are surrounded by images of all sorts, …


    Light and Shade – a mini watercolor biennale at Art Citi

    by Maheen Aziz

      The history of watercolor paintings dates back to the paintings of Paleolithic Europe when …

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    The Gaze

    by Jovita Alvares, Artnow

    At a Parisian bar at Folies-Bergère, Edouard Manet met a barmaid that eventually became the …

    Marium Khan
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    Art of the Masses – ‘360 Degree’ at ArtKaam

    by Noor Butt

    Art is often considered to appeal to a niche, or to a specific group with …

    Qutub 11
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    Art for Artist Qutub Rind and Contemporaries

    by Mehjabeen Soomro

      Art is the language beyond the words and the life of an artist is …



    by   Fatima Ghulam

      Described once as the most intelligent artist of the twentieth century, the words of …

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    Chasing the Equus

    by Sara Yawar

    Since many years, humans have used equine therapy as a method of rehabilitation. But over …

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    Objects We Behold

    by Gemma Sharpe

          Pay attention to the light. Before trying to read or resolve this …

    thumbnail_Frida Kahlo in blue satin blouse 1939. Photograph Nickolas Muray © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives
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    Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up

    by Shireen Ikramullah Khan  

      “Never in life will I forget your presence. You found me torn apart and …

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    1 On 1 With 7 to 7.7

    by Sara Pagganwala

      In Conversation With Amin Gulgee On His Solo Show 7.7 at Mattatoio di Roma …

    Munawar Ali Syed My English Story II
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    Underlining for Emphasis

    by Noor Butt

      A group of ten artists and art instructors exhibited their works in a collaborative …

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    Alina Tang: Inspiration by Virtue of the Flower

    by Shireen Ikramullah Khan

      The gift is the beautiful: unsolicited, purely sprouting, and fortuitous with respect to all …

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    Ustad Allah Baksh: A Retrospective

    by Iram Zia Raja

      Allah Bakhsh who rose to become Ustad Allah Bakhsh was no ordinary man. His …



    November 16, 2018

      The history of watercolor paintings dates back to the paintings of Paleolithic Europe, when …

    November 12, 2018

    A tribute to Lala Rukh Years of drawing together was an activity we shared, working …

    November 7, 2018

    BOUNDARIES…BOUNDLESS   We are both defined by and define our boundaries. The boundaries of time …

    November 1, 2018

    “Vagaries of a Non-Objective Mind” a two person show featuring works by Ujala Khan and …

    October 31, 2018

    Exclusive press launch 19th October 2018 (Friday) 5pm to 8pm Change the narrative Sometimes partnerships …

    October 25, 2018

    Satrang Gallery is delighted to present “Rabbya Naseer and Hurmat Ul Ain: ‘Society of the …

    A drawing show by ten faculty members of the various institution have come together with …

    October 19, 2018

    Art for Artist Qutub Rind & Contemporaries 12 October 5pm at O Art Space.

    October 18, 2018