Symphony of the seas

A group exhibitions of emerging talent was held at ArtKaam gallery Karachi from the 19th Р27th April 2019. This enticing show displayed the works of a number of young artists which included, Ainee, Aliza Karim, Anas Abbas, Ayaz Hussain, Ehsan Usman, Haniya Athar, Ramsha Bin Nesar, Sana Khalil, Sana Mirza, Syeda Fizza Fatima and Waseem Akram.


Each artist brought forth their own unique perspective of everyday life. While some looked at the aesthetics of the newspaper, a dying medium, and replicated or altered its contents, others looked at everyday objects and household scenes.


Ayaz Hussain took on a completely unique outlook by creating local musical instruments from found objects. His work is a clever example of practicality and thought.


The mediums ranged from goauche, pen, paint and scultpure in this exhibition. There was a learned sense of form, dimension and aesthetic.


The show continued till 27th April 2019 .


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