Take a piece of my Heart

Anjum Alix Noon’s recent exhibition at Canvas Gallery displayed a collection of print and paint titled ‘Take a piece of my heart’.


The work centred around multiple self-portraits of the artists inspired by ‘seflies’ and other images easily available to her.


Her work commented on the present day obsession of  clicking images on oneself as way to have fun and be happy. However, these images take an ugly turn if the expected reciprocation on social forums is not received. In other words, it causes physiological and self esteem issues if image shared on a public forum doesn’t receive a huge number of likes.


Her work aims at talking about the the self from an objective stance, but how is it ever possible for one to be completely objective especially when the subject matter is the self.


There is an addition of hearts and flowers that accompany the portraits as a way of displaying the likes we want to receive when we post something digitally.


The show continues till 16th may 2019.


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