• numair abbas

  • numair abbasi

  • malika abbas

  • Malika abbas

  • Malika abbas

  • Ali sultan

  • iqra tanveer

  • nurjahan aklaq

  • Veera Rustomji

  • Jovita Alvares

  • Jovita Alvares



Depicture seeks to address the transient nature of time-based media and calls upon the participating artists to contemplate the potentially non-archival quality of their work. Will their work remain accessible to viewers lets say, 50 years from now?

The exhibition also seeks to consider the role of the artist while
shaping intellectual and shared history; examining heritage through architectural spaces/dilapidated colonial buildings as well as new urbanism and its impact on quality of life and the destruction or lack of preservation of nature/natural landscapes and the sea due to urban development.
All the artists in the exhibition are social practitioners, photographers and/or filmmakers and their work unfolds to the viewer over time in different ways.
Artists featured in this exhibition include Aisha Abid Hussain, Ali Sultan, Iqra Tanveer, Jovita Alvares, Malika Abbas, Numair Abbasi, Nurjahan Akhlaq, Veera Rustomji.
Curated by Alia Bilgrami


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