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ArtNow Officially laucnhe

It was our big coming out. ArtNow was formally launched in an atmosphere of camaraderie and goodwill and the evening was one of unconditional congratulatory offerings. The audience present understood the significance of ArtNow’s goals and objectives, having produced six issues since October 2010 and having initiated a lecture series called the Springboard Series and a Gallery Trek inviting participants to visit art galleries to view and deconstruct the art works. The invitees were an eclectic mix of corporate heads, artists, writers and gallery owners.

Willim Lawrie, cofounder Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai and former Director of Middle Eastern art at Christie’s Auction house flew in specially for the occasion and spoke about his serendipitous encounter with Pakistani art and his hopefulness for the future burgeoning of Pakistani art in the Middle East.

Fawzia Naqvi, Editor in Chief ArtNow, spoke of the importance of building the magazine as a resource for learning and scholarship alongside the promotion of art works. She declared that ArtNow ‘s parent company would be setting up a fund for deserving art students to help them in their studies or in the production of their final thesis display to ensure the realization of their ideas and the consequent acquiring of better grades.

The backdrop of the evening was the splendid waterfront promenade at Port Grand and as the sun set over the canal, the harbor lights shimmered in the distance, almost as an affirmation of a job well done and as a light of encouragement for the bright new plans for the future that ArtNow has in store for audiences.



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