After Lyari Expressway

Muzammil Khan’s show ‘After Lyari Expressway’ opened in O Art Space Gallery on 11th October, 2019.


The artist works in excruciating detail as his miniaturist persona envelops his work in its entirety, giving us a vast visual dispensary of spaces and narratives lost in time. In this body of work, the artist focuses on abandoned and partially demolished places in Lyari over time, portraying them in their unkempt state with utter detail that it makes it all the more beautiful in its state.


His conceptual inclination arises from the fact that he, too, lost his home due to the Lyari Expressway Project, the atmosphere of said lost space still lingers on in his visual projections of similar environs. He has worked with Gouache on Wasli and a varying color palette with compositions condensing narrow passageways, doors, rubble and exposed stone walls.


The show is expected to run till the 21st of October, 2019.


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