Juxtaposed Impulses


Juxtaposed Impulses

Studio Seven's new exhibition, titled 'Juxtaposed Impulses', opened on 22nd October, 2019. Curated by Shireen Ikramullah Khan and Iftikhar Chohan, thi

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Studio Seven’s new exhibition, titled ‘Juxtaposed Impulses’, opened on 22nd October, 2019. Curated by Shireen Ikramullah Khan and Iftikhar Chohan, this group show displays works of six talented artists, namely Abid Hasan, Akram Dost Baloch, Emily Underwood, Masood A. Khan, Rachelle Meyer and Shireen Ikramullah Khan.



This show answers some questions about the issue of purpose. What and whom are these works for? Purpose has many meanings and contexts which have been discussed at length. There are several levels including activism and cultural identity. We may view purpose from a publicly engaged arts practice point of view. Artists may self-contextualise their practice within various forms of socially engaged practice.



As the name suggests, Juxtaposed Impulses is an amalgamation of Pakistani and International artists from assorted countries and art backgrounds who practice different genres within the art world. They are collaborators in an area in which attributions are uncertain, and therefore, more flexible and negotiable within the same space. The aspiration behind this exhibition is to create a cross-cultural interaction between the artists, their respective work and the audience.



Rachelle Meyer, an illustrator creates portraits of her associated travelers on the ferry. The three prints included in this show are a part of the ‘Dedicated Reader’ series, an homage to the written word and the open water. Abid Hasan, a painter gives vivacity to his canvases with a synthesis of colours chemically treated with silver and gold leaf. Emily Underwood, an artist and educator discovers landscape through the avenues of painting and printmaking. Her bold compositions are often depictions of nature in its entirety.



Masood Khan explores his distinctive medium by creating multi-dimensional surfaces in muted colours. Whereas, Akram Dost’s work is made up of layered artistic accomplishments and personal idiosyncrasies; puzzled tortured expressions, contour features and huddled bodies. Shireen Ikramullah Khan, a visual artist and art critic, refers to her painting as being similar to an abstract landscape, whereby an infusion of colour and texture play on a range of emotions.


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