Past Present Future

Past Present Future is the inaugural show that marks the beginning of Koel Gallery & O Art Space’s collaborative venture. The significance of this new alliance through experienced moments; connecting and building bridges between what is assumed to be our past, conversations about a present and the need to envision a renewed future. In the current virtual world, the accessibility and the experience of viewing artwork in smaller formats through our gadgets is a constant. The show looks at two sizes to bridge the gap between experiencing a work of art physically and seeing it on a digital platform. The significance of the distinct sizes stipulated for the show are of relevance to both the artist and the viewer, in terms of the actual experience, movability and accessibility. The selected artists from across Pakistan were requested to work within these two sizes. The Square The perfect square is constructed on an unseen circle, which is representational of allowing the impossible. The artist works with a certain given size, yet the viewer experiences this actual artwork, rapidly through the smaller virtual image instantly changing the experience. An artwork’s size is an essential component of interpreting a work of art. The 2×2 area is where the artist archives his story and this becomes a means by which the viewer can relate more viscerally to the digital representation. The Postcard Since they were invented in the 1800s, Postcards were designed to withstand processing without difficulties. A traveling keepsake encompassing movability and accessibility with a message from the sender to the receiver. A means to share your adventures with another who was not present. Always personalized yet shared with everyone that it comes in contact with during its travel. We hope you enjoy the experience.


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