Art Arcane


Art Arcane

  A Show by Emerging Artists of Pakistan – 2019   ‘Art Arcane’ a group display showcases the diversity of Pakistani art in the cont

Misunderstanding by Muzzumil Ruheel
Open call for artists
Shafaq by Meher Afroz


A Show by Emerging Artists of Pakistan – 2019


‘Art Arcane’ a group display showcases the diversity of Pakistani art in the contemporary scenario. The collaboration of twenty-two emerging and prolific artists, who are working in diverse artistic genres, mediums and concepts, reveals the current situation of the development of art by Pakistani artists and art institutes. The participants of the show are trained and well qualified from the renowned institutes such as University of the Punjab, National College of Arts, Lahore College Women University and Beacon House National University. The artists have used novel, innovative and varied techniques for the execution of their thought process and ideas. The show divulges painting, sculpture, calligraphy, installation, video installation, mix media, photography and print as media of art. The show is hosted by ‘Zulfi’s Gallery’ Johar Town Lahore.


The artworks disclose various thought processes and transformations of traditional mediums of arts in contemporary styles and morphology. Sarosh Tariq finds the pleasure of her imagery into her subjective consciousness and she negates the adaptation of a particular theme or concept. For her, the process itself provides her the required imagery and colour. Similarly, the purpose of abstract vocabulary using irregular application of colours developed by Maryam Imran, is more to acquire visual pleasure rather than to address some issue or display any theme. Fouzia finds her expression of freedom and transcendence into the flow of paints and abstract shapes. Mohsin Latif executes his own transformative reality into landscapes. Hassan Babar finds the beauty of nature in the remnants of salt mines. These artists are not bound to display representational imagery, style or theme through their artworks.


The other group of artists denote their creative endeavour through representational association with nature or a social issue and so on.


Samra Cheema dives into the ocean for finding the wealth of corals and relates these with humans and their survival in society. She contextualises her imagery in a unique and individualistic manner. Fasiha Irfan provides hope to consumer of her art using doors and windows as a metaphor. The stimulation of Hafsa Batool’s emotion depends upon her transitional representational and non-representational imagery. Shumaila Islam recalls her subconscious thoughts; relates and overlays those with representational imagery and exuberant lyricism.


Using calligraphy, Smara Shahid creates a new vocabulary into pictorial forms. Shumaila Khan’s imagery criticises the hypocrisy of society and media. AB Rehman, a young traditionalist, reveals his idea by engaging the interacting the viewer through a product symbol.


Nabiha Muzzafar divulges her state of mind connoting Hast u Nist with process of deterioration. One dimensionality of Ali Mumal converts into 2 and 3 dimensionality simultaneously on a single surface and through photography medium. Iqra Ayyaz uses mud as a metaphor of human origin and decay. She presents the process through video installation. Exploring various materials, Anam Mukhtar criticises the cliché laws, behaviours and typical scenarios set by this society. Her installations engage and compel the viewers to think on the conveyed messages. Baneen Nazir plays with sensory art and she engages her viewer through sensory experience for the ignored feelings.


Alike, Buland Iqbal is the lover and presenter of the imperfection and susceptibilities disguising human character in 3D sculptures. Seher Jameel’s curiosity about human evolution brings her to find and mold clay. The variety of artistic expressions presented in the show witnesses the acceptance and flexibility regarding adaptation of medium, genre and art content. The uniqueness of the show is its diversity and the individuality that showcases styles, processes, symbolism, conscious and subconscious vision and aesthetic approaches used by its artists. Nowadays, the contemporary Pakistani Art and the present day artist does not fall behind in status and standard attained by the international art.



Shumaila Islam (M.PHIL- Studio Practice Fine Arts)

Curator & Visiting Lecturer (UOS & UE)