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A group show, called ‘Daira’, opened at Art Chowk Gallery on the 24th of October, 2019, and showcased works of five artists who revealed the impact the environment has had on their body and mind. Each artist, in this show, has opened up about their personal experience and the journey they went through in search of peace.



Amna Khan expresses the troubles she faced in the past, by constructing abstract shapes made up solely of pen and ink scribbles that represent the turmoil and chaos in her life, and her persistent attempt to keep up with the constant turbulence and disorder within and around her.



Ehsan Usman takes a different approach to confusion. He talks about the grey areas in the love for religion, commenting on how passion for god is supposed to be beautiful and pure but the lack of clarity and ambiguity that comes with this kind of love leaves the person lost in a swirl of emotions – almost like madness.



Other works consist of installations by Gina Gul, Rabia Khan and Saliha Naz that illustrate the cycle of life, media awareness and the wheels of time.



This exhibition continues till 7th November, 2019.


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