Becoming a woman

Qinza Najm’s solo show curated by Nimra Khan, Becoming a woman, opened in Chawkandi Art Gallery on the 24th of October, 2019.


Qinza Najm’s work involves themes of female subjectivity and gendered violence. In her recent work, she has used the silhouette of a female pose that portray several sexual connotations, the visual juxtaposition of legs split open and physical slits within the body of the canvas itself,  the provocative nature of the work within the cultural setting almost daring the viewer to witness the truth.


Her ardently bright color palette deems the work almost too hard to be unnoticeable, whilst using a silhouette figure allows the subject of the work to be easily relatable to anybody, ironically being the same way how society sees “all” women as, although here the artist’s subjects take control of their narrative and their bodies, becoming the very embodiment of the act of masked defiance.


It inevitably becomes a single form of resistance, “to resist through the very weapon used against women; their own bodies.”


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