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Main kham.e kucha.e judai tha
Sab guzarte gaye barabar se

– Jaun Elia



There is a factor of loneliness in my surroundings. Words like solitude, desolation and seclusion often come to my mind. While trying to notice what represented me I realized how content I was in this solitude and how thoroughly I enjoy it.



I try to capture photographs focused on the relationship between human emotions and the natural world, using a poetic sensibility and influences. These photographs can be viewed as imagery based upon our failing attitudes towards nature and a type of self-portrait, the photographer as an isolated lone figure in search of symbolism amongst the mountains, lakes, seas and trees, etc.



My photographs often have mournful undertones juxtaposed with subtle hints of light and vibrant color. My each photograph captures two contrasting moods, the first is of sadness as if relating to memories of the past, whereas the second mood is more optimistic, as if hopeful for a brighter future.


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