• A view of the mountain range behind the cement factory

  • An arial view of the paths created for trucks carrying rocks and gravel down from the mountain

  • Different colored gravel and sand are unique to this area.

  • An area where grey and red rocks meet

  • A worker in the factory walks by with a view of the mountain behind.

  • Saqib, from the detonation team calls the person who will ignite the dynamite.

  • A cloud of smoke rises after the detonation

  • Tractors move in to gather the rocks and gravel after an explosion

  • Rocks are gathered by the cold hard metal teeth of this tractor

  • A pile of large rocks and gravel ready to be pushed off the mountainside.

  • A tractor pushing off massive rocks down the mountain.

  • The rocks heap up at the base.

  • Nearby, trucks coming straight from the Karachi port unload coal.

  • A worker emptying out his 8th truck of the day.

  • Workers standing on top of the coal as they slowly dump it on the ground below.

  • A huge mount of coal ready to be transported to the cement factory kiln

6 Dynamic Featured Image

Pioneer Cement Factory

Towards the southern tip of the Pothohar plateau near along the salt range lies a row of mountains slowly being eaten away by man. I was lucky enough to witness this activity while I was a part of the Canvas gallery Pioneer Art residency which took place at the Pioneer cement factory in Khushab.
Two different, but very important activities happen behind the factory beside the base of the mountain
1)  Workers from the cement factory blow up parts of the mountain range to collect raw material for creating cement.
2) Hundreds of trucks of coal are unloaded here every week to be burned in the kiln of the factory.
These processes are happening on a massive scale multiple times a week.


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