“Vagaries of a Non-Objective Mind”

“Vagaries of a Non-Objective Mind” a two person show featuring works by Ujala Khan and Makhdoom Sadiq Khan opens on Friday 26th October 2018 at Full Circle Gallery; a hub of cultural and artistic expression and engagement. Full circle proudly presents works produced by masters, as well as emerging artists.

Artist Statements:

Ujala Khan:

This collection is inspired by places, merged with abstraction, bringing in an experiential world that materializes gradually.

Despite the suggestive titles where one can clearly form a connection or memory by the composition and colours used, my work is unbound by a particular structure. Moreover, it’s deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and is manifested to a more intricate interpretation of the viewer.

Makhdoom Sadiq Khan:

People do art, especially painting for many reasons of their own. I do art because I have an inner drive for it and I want to express my feelings for the unseen objects, feelings, connections, creatures etc through it. I love colors, I love to play with them and I love to create new shades, themes and new motives. I convert my thoughts and vague imaginations into my paintings. I do different painting not because I want to do different work but because I get to think different and my hand is not same as of others. I am truly inspired by the paintings of many old masters and modern age artists. I have always admired art and it has amused me always. I simply live in my paintings and I flow in them.

Full Circle is delighted to have you with us for the opening of the show on Friday 26th October 2018.


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