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The Grid

The Full Circle Gallery on Friday, June 14, 2019, presented a show titled ‘The Grid’ and displayed the works of emerging artists, Adnan Ali, Amara Sikander, Fatima Baig, Mahnoor Jamal, Mariam Jajja and Sarah Bokhari.


The digital Art show enabled these artists to discuss the taboo themes of the society. Amara Sikander, a graphic designer and street photographer utilized this opportunity to talk about women empowerment and gender inequality through her work. She very exquisitely has given women an avatar of a warrior in her work. Taking inspiration from African tribal tattoos she explained that, women empowerment is very important, and that gender inequality is the primary cause that hinders the success of a women in our society. The miniature Artist Sarah Bokhari also manages to focuses on women with a different perspective, she through her work showed that women are by nature the givers. By showing melancholic female characters artist, Sarah Bokhari, shows how the role of nurturers and givers benefit everyone except women themselves.


Fatima Baig, a graduate of National College of Arts (Lahore), used illustrations of women and emphasised on her views about, beauty in diversity. Being raised in diverse culture Fatima was able to acknowledge the importance of beauty in diversity. And thus, decided to explore it further in her work.


The highly debatable issues raised by these emerging artist created an interesting and engaging environment for the viewers hence kept them hooked and involved till the end.


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