• Matt & Louisa,15 years

  • Michael and Claire - 5 years

  • Djavan & Rachel, 1 year

  • Dan, Miriam & Noorie ,12 years

  • Chris & Sarah, 9 years

  • Aerial & Coreen, 8 years

  • Sarah and John - 13years

  • Talha & Saher, 3 years

  • Tony, Sarah & Pavelle,1 year

  • Mike & Christine, 2.5 years

  • Russ, Carol, Francis & Lola, 29 years

  • Tim and Kate - 17years

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I Do Not Like Pretty Sunsets Anymore

Are our lives incomplete without validation from another? What is it about this incessant
need to have someone witness our lives? To have someone listen to us talk about the most
banal, everyday details? Why do people need people? Are we nothing but social animals?
What happens when we do find the “one” for us? Does it last? Do all the changes and
compromises and years matter? Are we better or worse for it? When does it get to a point
where one disappears and another begins?


Not knowing how to answer these questions has compelled me to start this new series. With the images in this series, I try to understand, through my camera, what relationships mean. As my subjects engage and wait for me to press the shutter, they give a bit of themselves away. In that moment, they are vulnerable, they are real, they are one and they are present.


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