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Karachi Art Directory Website Launch – KB’19

Karachi Art Directory (KAD) website will be launched on 24th August at 5 pm at Arts Council.

KAD has documented 157 visual artists including contemporary artists, calligraphers and truck artists, 47 art galleries and art institutions, and 22 art critics and writers from Karachi and small cities of Sindh. The website will be live on 24th August 2019.

The KAD research and documentation project is a part of the Critical Knowledge Lab of the Discursive Committee that is committed to creating new knowledge via research, discourse and documentation.

The user-friendly website is designed to help researchers and students to quickly and easily navigate the site and find relevant material on the current art scene of Karachi. KAD will will be updated bi-annually and will reflect the changing face of the art scene, document migrations, acknowledge emerging talent and serve as the primary database for the burgeoning Karachi art scene.

This project is co-chaired by Bushra Hussain, Trustee of KBT and a curator and researcher by professional. Tazeen Hussain is an art educator, designer and researcher.  VM Art Gallery Research Library has partnered KBT since its inception. Arts Council has very graciously collaborated for the KAD launch.

About Karachi Biennale Trust

The Karachi Biennale Trust (KBT) that was founded in 2016 by a group of visual art professionals and educators as a dynamic platform to promote creativity, innovation and criticality in the visual arts. The Karachi Biennale is the flagship project of KBT. We create opportunities for exposure and experience for artists and art professionals. Discursive exchanges, research and art scholarship to achieve critical perspectives.

The second Karachi Biennale will take place from October 26-Nov 12 at 5 major venues. It’s s Green Biennale with Ecology as its theme which is centered around the impact of urbanization on environment. For more information of Karachi Biennale, please visit our website www.karachibiennale.org.pk

KAD Launch

Date – Aug 24th from 5-7.30 pm at Ahmed Parwez Art Gallery (Manzar Akbar Hall)

Contact person

Hamad Ali

Cell 0343 2538694

KBT office 021 35157566





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