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Youth Together for Human Rights Education

The Forgotten Children
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Watch full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adGpJq4LxGk
Street-kids who have missed out on primary education have been confined to a life of illiteracy. Being older in age, they are refused admission by Primary Schools. With basics not learnt, there is no Secondary School that caters for the educational needs of these children. Just like our children, don’t they have the right to education?
These abandoned illiterate children can be helped to complete school education. They can be given a chance to opt for a college education. We have the technical expertise to deliver holistic education that goes beyond academic education and empowers youth with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. At our centre, our fast-track-curriculum scholarship program enables these unschooled children to cover multiple years curriculum in a shorter period.
Will these street-kids lives be different than what they had hoped for? It depends on your support. Contribute generously to change the life of a child and their family. Do the kindest deed you can. Support Unschooled Kids “The Right To Education”. Take ownership of a child and contribute monthly for one or many children.
Every child has a basic right to education. How can we help these children?
You could say, “I can’t”. However, that would not be true.
Together we can help improve the situation.
You can be a part of something great.
Take ownership and contribute monthly for one or many children.
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