With Compliments

Full Circle Gallery hosted a group show featuring works by Haya Esbhani, Kiran Waseem, Samra Kamran Mehkri and Tooba Ashraf, which opened on the 20th of September, 2019. The show collectively touched thematically on memory and emotion, corroborating or coming together to form an entirely new symbiotic relationship for the artist.

Haya Esbhani work conjures narratives of her memories being physically incarnated, so to speak, given shape to by the hand’s very movement, encapsulating all that is reflective to her, even if it comes down to mere distorted memory. It’s the artists very own process into reliving her memories.

On the other hand, Kiran Waseem’s work being less structured and pertaining to a hazy quality, investigates the disembodiment of one’s memory with one’s sense of belonging, the “attachment and detachment” that comes along with it.

Karachi through the lens, a series of works by Samra Kamran, portrays what one might consider a new world struggle, one’s obsession to capture moments and living them through the vicinities of a frame, a border, a diminishing reality. These distorted visuals and uncanny angles create a sense of isolation, setting the work apart visually and metaphorically.

Lastly, Tooba Ashraf’s take on a surreal amalgamation of memory with stories, traditions and events leave a striking set of visual ambiguities for the viewer. Her treatment of the work with cocoa powder parallels the theme, contributing to the desired antiquity, inspired by an Egyptian palette.

The show is expected to run till 4th October, 2019.


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