“VIFAF” Virtual International Fine Art Fair 2018  Announcing & Introduction events

VIFAF and Posterus360 will launch this year, 2018 with several announcing and introduction events. This taking place at Monaco the MCCC, (Monte Carlo Country club) the end of September, later on this year New York and at the beginning of 2019 as well at Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, etc. In this announcing events the full demo of Posterus360 and VIFAF we will presented. This will be a fully operational fair with participants, just on a smaller scale. Presenting all the possibilities with our Posterus360 platform and virtual trade fairs.
Participants in this demo will have all the same options and exhibition possibilities as the full fair.
Furthermore the demo will stay online until the big fair at September 2019.

Full details about the fair and the announcing events can be found in our brochure, as well in our press release or at the fair website. Submission for participation can be done through our submission form. We look forward hearing from you and receiving you at our events.


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