Utopian Ideas

Dom Pattinson’s ‘Utopian Ideas’ opens at Sanat on Feb 20, 2018



Dom Pattinson’s recent body of work on display at Sanat Gallery, Karachi is the culmination of the past two years since his first exhibition here. Whilst it is still light hearted in its approach, Dom has not been able to ignore the things that have been going on in the world and some of these issues have been addressed in this collection. Dom wants the viewer to identify with the works on their personal level, to read a theme that reflects their own thoughts and ideals. Though the work is very personal to him, Dom believes there is a universal message that everyone can relate to and become enveloped in the imagery.



Since his last exhibition in Pakistan at Sanat Gallery in early 2016, Dom has shown in three solo presentations in Portugal, UK and USA; assisted to raise money for the humanitarian charity IRC (International Rescue Committee) on the “Star Boot Sale”; participated in the project “Graffiti in the Sky”, where he produced his signature “Zebra” mural on a large- scale on the 69th floor of WTC (World Trade Centre); had the honour of being the only British artist to be invited to paint at the city project in Long Island; produced commissioned pieces reflecting the Anglo-American Community for Ted Baker’s flagship store in Manhattan; painted a large mural in The Algarve, Portugal; and last but not the least, showed his works at Art Basel, Miami.



Dom has attended Winchester School of Art and graduated with a BA (Hons) and his post-graduate education saw him matriculate to the Glasgow School of Art to study for an MA which stoked a pursuit for a creative outlet and a platform from which to convey a very personal message.


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