Emerging artists Sanie Bokhari & Zahrah Eshan both did their BFA at the prestigious National College of Arts in Lahore, followed by an MFA in Rhode Island School of Design & Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture respectively.

Whilst Sanie’s work “…aims to create the platform for a cultural dialogue that reflects the simultaneity of my own questioning/ embracing of local traditions: to cultivate my work in a way that critically describes how the culture I grew up in & the culture I have discovered, rather than being distinct & opposite, are part of the same world…”

Zahrah’s work “…is a representation of a mess- a stream of unconscious difficulties. It regresses back to the sense of longing for what is perhaps, unattainable. My work plays with incarceration within expectations/ promises that are perpetually undelivered…”

Their exhibition opens at Canvas Gallery on Tuesday October 23rd 2018, from 5-8pm. The show remains open till November 1st, daily from 11am- 8pm (excluding Sundays).


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