Tomorrow we inherit the earth


Sanat Gallery’s recent show, ‘Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth’, opened on 24th September, 2019, and was held at their new location – Commune Artist Colony. This show was curated by Aziz Sohail.



Visual artist, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, presented ‘notes from a Guerrilla War’ by means of prints on fabric, video installations and text that depict tales from the past and present. His aim is to address oppression in current times and hold hope for better times in the near future.



Bhutto, in his works, has turned deadly objects like guns, weapons and pictures of gas masks and wrestlers into colourful and beautiful objects with flowers printed on top of them. Urdu words like “Jang” and “Pyaare” are written in childlike handwriting on square muslin prints with pretty pink borders. Concepts of war and peace, manliness and femininity, armament and floral patterns are welded and fused together to make one single body of work. Such is the beauty of Bhutto’s art; it is holistic, diverse and insightful.



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