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The Source is One

“The artist doesn’t create, he participates in the Creation. It’s not something we do; it’s a quality of being.”  Dr. David Cranswick


Bringing a body of work out into the public space is equivalent to an ancient drumbeater inviting the listener to share the message of the absolute (Divine reality), the sharing of a course charted and a destination ahead.


The essence of the Arts in the subcontinent, in my view, is  to contemplate through the journey within the process. The investigation into indigenous materials led me down a path which helps to develop the awareness of a deeper meaning of existence. This journey brings clarity on multiple levels and this process of making, which is the most integral part of my practice, helps to formulate my observations into images. For me, it is an act of meditation.


This current body of work has evolved after returning from my Masters degree at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London. I researched the core materials that were rooted in image making through the centuries and this was an experience itself, finding and connecting with history and various arts and crafts traditions of Indo-Pak. 

Naveed Sadiq  

 thumbnail_Naveed Sadiq Evite


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