The Little Art- Competition

In collaboration with UNESCO, The Little Art is working to improve children’s learning experience in public schools through arts.

Have a brilliant idea that uses arts to promote learning for young kids in rural public schools and communities?

We are looking for innovative ideas in public art and community-based projects that take learning outside classrooms using creative mediums. If you are a visual artist, filmmaker, writer/poet, educator, game designer, researcher, art collective or even a parent, send us your ideas.

Selected projects will be implemented in rural communities and public schools of Muzzafargarh, Tharparkar and Rawalpindi districts.

To apply:
Submit a proposal idea (up to 500 words)
with a portfolio of your work or CV to tea@thelittleart.org

*Priority will be given to projects that directly engage children in the process

About “Transforming Education through Arts” (TEA) Program
“Transforming Education through Arts” (TEA) is one of its first kind arts education program by The Little Art for community, teachers and students on how to use arts for life-long learning and holistic development. TEA believes that both learning and teaching through the arts is a beneficial means of integration of other subject areas and is an important way of how students learn and are taught in schools around the world.

TEA offers professional learning workshops and courses for teachers and students and it also develops creative initiatives for the community to participate in the development of children and youth.


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