The Forest as a Dream

Canvas Gallery’s new show ‘The Forest as a Dream’ opened on 19th November, 2019, and displayed works by Sara Riaz Khan.



Khan was greatly inspired by the book ‘Gossip from the Forest’ because it made her view forests as a place of magic, freedom, transformation and hope.  To draw attention to this and to highlight the importance nature played on our identities, Khan divided her paintings into four categories; Approaching, Inhale/Exhale, Immersion and Being. Through this, she hoped to reflect on her work and find a place of solitude.



After finishing the four- stop journey, she found herself. Two aspects were very clear after comparing her first piece of work to the last – a sense of discovery and a strong connection with the viewers which was made by use of texture, colours and shape.



This show continues till 28th November, 2019.


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