The Fleet

‘The Fleet’ by the artist Fazal Rizvi will open at AAN Gandhara Art Space on January 18th, 2018. The project is curated by Aziz Sohail.
Statement issued by the Gallery-
‘The Fleet’ considers the possibility of the sea as a site through which the border is observed and imagined. This too becomes a space, despite its fluidity, that is marked, divided and policed. Floating upon the seas are various vessels, symbolized in this work through the body as well as the boat, that are used to examine tensions around freedom and captivity as life traverses through the marine.
Specifically, for the artist, the Arabian Sea littoral exists as a site of fluid exchange and possibility; especially symbolised by the fishermen who navigate this sea and depend on it as a source of their livelihood, but at the same time exist as victims of this system. Thus, through this body of work, the viewer may be able to better understand the politics of the sea and its relationship to land and nation.
This project emerges out of long-term dialogue between the curator Aziz Sohail and Fazal Rizvi. The first iteration of this was the work ‘The Fleet’, commissioned for the exhibition ‘The Humble Vessel’ at The New Art Gallery Walsall. ‘The Fleet’ (2016) will be on view during this exhibition for the first time in Pakistan. A new body of mixed media work extends the original dialogue into new directions including a site-specific audio-tour that has been created with the support of the AAN Foundation. Dates for the audio-tour will be announced later.
The exhibition opens on Thursday, January 18, 5 – 8 PM and runs through February, 15.


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