The Distance Between Two Points’ – A Solo Exhibition by Roohi Ahmed

AAN Gandhara Art Space is pleased to announce its next show ‘The Distance Between Two Points’ – A Solo Exhibition by Roohi Ahmed. The show opens on Thursday, 16th August, 2018.

The Distance Between Two Points examines the practice of Roohi Ahmed, a Karachi based artist who has worked in diverse mediums to explore overlapping concerns around nationhood, belonging, gender and the body.

Born in 1966, Roohi Ahmed graduated from the Karachi School of Art in 1992 and has largely worked and taught in Karachi, apart from brief sojourns in Australia from where she received her MFA at University of New South Wales in 2013 and multiple residencies in Bangladesh, Germany, UK and USA. In the 1990’s, Ahmed became influenced by other emerging practitioners who were engaging with the city and was involved as an early team member at VASL helping build it during its nascent stages in the late 1990’s. Ahmed’s practice evolved with exhibitions and projects as both solos and in collaboration with other artists through the 2000’s and continues today.

The artist’s practice embodies the use of laborious and repetitive sketches, embroidery and prints to examine the city of Karachi through a personal mapping of her experience of its geography resulting in both two and three dimensional works. This intersects with her investigation of the female body and ways in which it is made visible or invisible in a local context. The artist regularly deploys the use of the needle as symbol of femininity as both sublime and violent in order to reveal inherent contradictions in the lived reality of the female body. For the first time, a coherent body of Ahmed’s work is presented, bringing together these varying ideas alongside one another and allowing for dialogues and intersections amongst them to emerge.

This exhibition is not considered a retrospective but rather a mapping of oeuvre of the artist. Through this exhibition, the viewer will leave with a comprehensive understanding of an artistic career, allowing one to reflect on a practice as not restricted to a single show or project, but rather a life devoted to ongoing pursuit of making, teaching and collaborating.

This exhibition, curated by Aziz Sohail, will be accompanied by a publication which has been designed by Aziza Ahmad will include an essay by Shahana Rajani and an interview of the artist with Dr. Abdullah M. I. Syed.

The exhibition opens on Thursday, 16 August and continues through 15 September.


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