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The careless mapping


Canvas gallery hosted a solo show of David Alesworth titled ‘ The careless mapping’ on Dec 1st, 2020. David Alesworth explores the natural world around humans through striking textile works. The works displayed at the gallery decipher the visual codes of urban life in Pakistan through the perception of the artist.



Being a sculptor, photographer, and garden history researcher, Alesworth’s debates on the current world views and garden culture. The artist draws inspiration to work on big carpets from his childhood memories of having a huge rug in the dining room of his house. He has produced works on rugs and carpets in which he describes his memories with that lost carpet that he further enhances with contemporary ideas. In the current show, a huge carpet covering one wall of the gallery looked amusing and the presence of a map weaved over the carpet with white thread comments over the cross-culture.




Alesworth works between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. He currently resides in Bristol, UK, and is a studio holder at Spike Island. ‘The Carless Mapping’ runs until 10 December 2020.




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