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Test Pattern Infinity

Selected works from the ‘Test Pattern Infinity’ show utilize photography as a principal medium of creating art. A common theme across this collection is the merging of disparate symbols, geographies, traditions and epochs; ultimately challenging viewers to make new associations in a space that reinvents history whilst creating striking future states. Throughout this journey, marginal figures are reimagined as pop icons and familiar institutions/spaces have been fully decontextualized.  The result is a personal brand of cinematic pop-art, achieved through a radical reinterpretation of the world we live in.

Visual artist and photographer Mo Shah employs surrealist cinematic techniques to merge reimagined histories with striking future states. A fascination with cinema, history, existentialism, fringe cultures, music, iconography and the occult pervades his work. Shah’s compositions consolidate any number of his interests into dreamlike narratives that seek beauty in despair.  Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Shah has lived in Brussels, London, Lahore, New York and Hong Kong.  His latest solo show, Test Pattern Infinity, opened at Hong Kong’s Fabrik Gallery in August 2015.


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