The word, Sulah, means reconciliation in Urdu and Pukto.  The aim of of “Sulah” is to bring together artists who share the same rich cultural heritage and understanding of Puktun way of life, including the Baloch and Hazara communities. Even though the objective is to bring together these artists from the same background, the work itself is contemporary in nature.


Their work is not only connected visually, but also they bring together a body of work to reconcile their differences as well as the similarities between the two countries, by promoting art, literature, culture and history.


Sulah is curted by Alia Bilgrami (Artist and Curator) and organised by Maria Usman (CEO, Cultoor) in collaboration with Jamal Shah (Director General, The Pakistan National Council of the Arts).


The exhibition will run in tandem with the Puktun Festival at the PNCA, Islamabad in March 2018.


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