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Stealing a look into the infinitesimal


The act of viewing and reflecting upon is an inward process, which is highly personal, and so is the subsequent medium with which I have created this series.


For me that medium is macro photography. A technique that lets me present what intrigues me the most. There is entire universe of details and spaces that goes unattended by our everyday observations. Sometimes, the most mundane objects can appear unusual and attractive when looked closely.


Nature has been a source of profound inspiration for me. In these photos, I have captured nature from an angle that appreciates its infinitesimal details. Upon looking, we realize that these are entire captivating landscapes, experiences and journeys within themselves.


By an indirect way of expression, with hints of reality, which act as an anchor to the actual subject, I have created a series of nature’s hidden beauty.





Zoya Nadeem was born and brought up in Karachi where she graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi in 2016 with major in printmaking and minor in photography. Currently, she is working as the Gallery Manager at Foundation for Museum of Modern Art (FOMMA). Her interest in macro photography led her to treat artwork as landscapes that tell stories. She has an interest in experimenting and employing different printing techniques on various mediums.






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