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Society of the Spectacle

Satrang Gallery is delighted to present “Rabbya Naseer and Hurmat Ul Ain: ‘Society of the Spectacle’ on Thursday 25 October at 06:00 pm. This exhibition celebrates the 10th year of this remarkable artistic duo’s collaboration by displaying an entirely new body of work, which delves carefully into societal practices and has created critical narratives.


Rabbya and Hurmat are talented performance artists whose multi-medium, multi-facted, witty and insightful oeuvre analyses blatant social realities and quieter subtleties. This particular body of work remarks upon the culture of the public, outward spectacle at a social and gendered level, which often overtakes or conceals the true purpose behind these events. Using imagery and language which is familiar and yet ironic, the artists invite the audience to join them in their secret judgement of these detrimental societal behaviours.


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