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Sins of the Fathers

Eleven artists gathered at one platform to showcase their skills and embraced the challenges of drawing and paintings. In the captivating exhibiti

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Eleven artists gathered at one platform to showcase their skills and embraced the challenges of drawing and paintings.

In the captivating exhibition “Sins of the Fathers,” artist and curator Nat Meade skillfully brings together eleven visionary artists who boldly embrace the challenges of representational drawing and painting. With a deep reverence for the rich repertoire of artistic styles and genres from the past, each of these exceptional artists has woven a beautifully idiosyncratic language, allowing them to convey contemporary experiences in profoundly personal and thought-provoking ways. This remarkable gathering of talents fearlessly reimagines the past, skillfully avoiding the pitfalls of uncritical adherence to tradition, and instead daring to craft a new visual dialogue that resonates with our modern complexities.

Gone are the days when representational artists were confined by formalism. Today’s brilliant minds see with crystal clarity the sins of traditional painting—its overt and implicit biases, its subjugation to the power of church and state, and its appropriation of non-Western and indigenous artistic traditions. Yet, instead of shunning the Western gaze, the artists in “Sins of the Fathers” redirect it towards those experiences, individuals, and places that have been overlooked or marginalized.

With unparalleled courage, Meade’s carefully curated artists tackle not only the artistic legacies of their forebears but also the emotional burdens of their biological fathers. Delving into the intimate spaces of their lives, they bring forth a critical and poignant exploration of family and home, themes that have often been either romanticized or neglected in the annals of painting. These artists unflinchingly confront the complexities and messiness of traditional painting, all the while honoring the bonds of love that intertwine their lives.

Venturing from the real to the imaginary and even to the edges of abstraction, the artists in this exhibit brilliantly and provocatively redefine the notion of family, traversing a myriad of styles while finding common ground in their shared subjects, themes, and aspirations.

Barskaya and Williamson beautifully delve into parenthood and its attendant responsibilities. Barskaya’s poignant snapshots capture the tender moments of life with her young child and husband, while Williamson passionately depicts the vibrant dramas of youth, using interlaced bodies of diverse backgrounds to tell their stories.

Palocci and Grimes venture into darker realms of childhood, exhuming the traumatic events from their pasts. Palocci’s eerily illuminated landscapes and interiors evoke the childhood fear of unfamiliar places, while Grimes revisits the scars left by her parents’ divorce. On the other hand, Michael Gac Levin employs a playful stance, using the traditionally female-dominated genre of still life to represent familial relationships and conflicts with a touch of humor and grace.

Through subversive reinterpretations of portraiture, artists Barrett, Gagner, and Carmi daringly challenge established conventions. Barrett’s gallery of anachronistically dressed grotesques challenges the very essence of personhood, blurring the lines between human and animal with a surprisingly proper demeanor. Gagner and Carmi, in their own distinct ways, employ satire to critically examine masculinity and family dynamics, unearthing vulnerabilities and raising thought-provoking questions.

Giordanne Salley, Langdon Graves, and Clintel Steed step back from the individual and embrace a larger view, focusing on the cyclical nature of life and the intergenerational connections. Salley’s lyrical images depict the merging of selves, creating an ethereal tapestry of love and unity. Graves employs traditional vanitas objects—a candle and a flower—to remind us of the transient and fragile nature of life. Meanwhile, Steed’s vibrant yellow 5G spaces serve as a captivating reminder of the linkages that span generations and time.

Through their incredible artistic endeavors, the artists in “Sins of the Fathers” bravely confront our painful past and breathe new life into it, creating unique images and forging new archetypes that offer a profound understanding of ourselves and each other. This transformative exhibition beckons us to embark on a journey of self-reflection and empathy, inviting us to recognize the shared experiences that bind us as a human family. With awe-inspiring talent and unwavering courage, these artists illuminate the path to a more compassionate and enlightened world.


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