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Shakeel Siddiqui- A tribute

A tribute to Shakeel Siddiqui who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on May 26 1951 passed away on January 11, 2018.

“Like art itself, concepts and beliefs in art also keep changing. However, Shakeel’s choice to paint in the realistic manner can be regarded as a sign of courage and an act of out of the ordinary—amid the abstract and semi-abstract daubing around.”— Quddus Mirza, THE NEWS, Lahore.

“Shakeel Siddiqui is a super-realist who has perfected a trompe l’oeil technique so that his paintings have an uncanny faithfulness to the objects rendered. Nothing escapes his consciousness. Yet the painting is much more than a reproduction of mundane objects, there are tantalizing glimpses of a particular life, detectable clues.” Marjorie Hussain, THE DAILY DAWN.

“Shakeel Siddiqui can be compared to a point with the 19 century American painter John F. Peto, who painted used, worn-out things like torn envelopes, handbills, dog-eared books, old photos, threads and letter racks in minutest details. ” —Dr. Akbar Naqvi, IMAGES AND IDENTITY: FIFTY YEARS OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE IN PAKISTAN.

“Shakeel is the only artist in Pakistan seriously painting in new realism. Because his production is limited (he paints at night and spends an average of sixty working hours per painting), his many admirers must place their orders in advance to ensure themselves a painting. Shakeel’s technical quality is flawless-years of detailed portraiture put to good use.”— Marcella Nesom, CONTEMPORARY PAINTINGS IN PAKISTAN.


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