Shaikh Danial: An Art Director from Pakistan Stands Among Top NFT Artists Globally


Shaikh Danial: An Art Director from Pakistan Stands Among Top NFT Artists Globally

According to Business Insider which is a renowned American news website “The market for non-fungible tokens surged to $41 billion in 2021, according

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According to Business Insider which is a renowned American news website “The market for non-fungible tokens surged to $41 billion in 2021, according to the newest metric”. Keeping this in mind, it can be easily said that the industry has a lot of potential within the NFT segment. Along with other countries, Pakistan has also shown significant progress followed by the untiring efforts of exceptional people like Shaikh Danial.

Danial ranks among a few award-winning creative directors who are giving new dynamics to the NFT world. He is well-known for his recent projects with Universal Pictures, 21st Century Fox, Disney, Pixar, United Nations, World Bank Group, and Google. He is also the founder of Social Junction Pvt. Ltd. which is the World’s First CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Media House & Agency.

How Shaikh Danial Is Taking the Pakistani NFT Industry to The Edge?

Danial is a globally recognized creative director who has made an exceptional contribution to the world’s largest NFT project ‘BAPES™’. He has earned considerable fame on an international level and his fascinating work will soon reshape the entire industry. Now he stands among a few of those Pakistanis who are gaining global attention to the country’s rapidly evolving talent in NFTs.

He is the Creative Director of BAPES™ which is all set to take the global NFT industry by storm. He worked on the BAPES™ Genesis Collection of 10,000 lowpoly ERC-721 NFTs that are deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Top industry leaders, sportsmen, celebrities, and many other top-notch people from fashion, beauty, media, gaming, automobile, and other industry are leading this project.

Danial’s extraordinary work with the entire crew of BAPES™ reflects that there are many hidden gems in Pakistan. This also shows that digital artists are committed to taking the country’s name on top of the list. This has made him a global inspiration for those who have started their career in the NFTs industry.

More About BAPES™

BAPES™ is known as the world’s first metavestor club which is focused on empowering crypto native companies with an interest in the metaverse. The project is owned by billionaire businessmen with  Hollywood’s top celebrities as its ambassadors. It has deep roots in the Metaverse space and will soon give new dynamics to the industry.

Every member of the project is a metavestor partner who invests some money as metavestment in the BAPES™ metafund and gets rewards in form of metawards. BAPES™ is dedicated to bringing a whole new and unique type of NFT utility to the world.

Many industry leaders believe that BAPES™ will bring groundbreaking trends to the industry setting new records. As a result, the project will give an exceptional boost to the decentralized NFT based crypto-economy globally.

What Makes BAPES™ the Biggest Groundbreaking NFT Project?

BAPESCLAN™ is known as the world’s first-ever DAO combining the universe and the metaverse in a more unique way. With this project, the team’s primary aim is to yield considerable business value through blockchain technology. This involves integrating real-world businesses and their real-time success in the metaverse. It allows people to invest real money in the form of metavestments and get equally rewarded for their contributions.

The most experienced and accomplished professionals within the crypto and NFT space are leading this project. They will soon buy the NFT Worlds map which will allow them to create a new Metaverse ‘BAPES™ World’. By partnering with top industry stakeholders the creators are striving to make it a reality in a few years. According to the officials, NFT Worlds has got all those technical capabilities required for the BAPES™ World.

With the launch of this new metaverse, the BAPES™ team is committed to continuously evolving and conquering other metaverses. After the NFT Worlds map, the project will acquire Somnium Space to create its “Planet of the BAPES™”. So, it is basically about infusing the real and virtual worlds together with a new approach. As a result, BAPES will soon reach the horizon by creating endless business possibilities for everyone.

What Other Pakistan NFT Artists Have Achieved?

Along with Shaikh Danial, many other Pakistani NFT artists have also reached newer heights. The latest Pakistani NFT project “The Merge” made $91.8 million on the Nifty Gateway – the top NFT marketplace. An anonymous Pakistani NFT artist named “’Pak” owns the project whose work also got mentioned by Elon Musk on Twitter. Also, not to mention that a British Pakistani kid sold his NFT collection for a whopping £290,000.

So, these and many other talented people with an interest in the NFT space are contributing their best to gain global recognition for themselves as well as Pakistan. This also highlights the emerging need of the government of Pakistan to think twice about the crypto world and allow talented people to make their marks on a global scale.

Why Crypto is Banned in Pakistan and How It Can Impact NFTs?

In the modern world, digital currencies have shaken the global financial system. It is quite evident that many central banks around the world fear this new age of decentralized currency. In addition to that, there is an emerging need to introduce effective KYC and AML regulations. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are based on the blockchain system and banning crypto in the country could seriously damage the rising talent.

The Bottom Line

Not only Shaikh Danial but there are many people in the country with unmatched skills and capabilities. While taking a look at the current stats, Pakistan already falls under the top 10 rankings Global Crypto Adoption Index. This significantly highlights that the country is all set to rank on top of all for revolutionizing the global NFT industry.

If the government of Pakistan rethinks its decision to remove the ban from this unique opportunity that has exceptional and unimaginable potential. By knowing how Shaikh Danial and other Pakistanis are striving at their best to succeed globally, there is a bright future for NFTs in the country.


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