Results of ‘RTF Sustainability Awards 2017’

‘RTF Sustainability Awards 2017’ competition hosted by ‘Rethinking the Future (RTF)’ has been concluded. Some of the prestigious firms around the world have been winner in RTF Sustainability Awards 2017 such as Aecom, Henning Larsen, DLR Group and many more.
Details about the awards, and the works of the winners of the RTF Sustainability Awards 2017.
‘RTF Sustainability Awards 2017’ hosted by RTF with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in architecture and design field. RTF Sustainability Awards are an all exclusive design awards, analysing and comparing the works of architects and designers across the globe. ‘RTF SA aims to bring out the most creative and innovative projects designed to develop an architectural language that would ‘sustain’ and ‘survive’ the impacts of new age challenges, and evolve into an architectural language of the future – taking sustainability one step ahead. The competition received a total of 486 registrations from over 30 countries. The results have been shared at
Following is the link to download all the winning projects in high resolution:
There were fifteen broad categories under which the projects were submitted. Following are the Winners:
1st Award – Commercial (Built) – 451 7th Avenue by DLR Group
1st Award – Cultural (Built)- Beicai Forest Park by Aecom
1st Award – Housing – V4, Self-Circulation Housing by Tai Yuan Huang
1st Award – Housing (Built) – St. Andrews Institute of Technology and Management by Zero Energy Design Lab
1st Award – Housing (Concept) – Micro-towers reinventing wood by Innovative Form + Construction Intelligence SUTD
1st Award – Interior – Corporate (Built) – Design agency Van Berlo by Atelier van Berlo
1st Award – Interior – Residence (Built) -the Noah’s Ark by Li-Wei Kuo
1st Award – Mixed Use – The Social Waves by David Kharisma Putra
1st Award – Office Building (Concept) – BCDA office tower by CAZA
1st Award – Pop-Ups & Temporary (Concept) – Building block house by Yamamoto Taiki
1st Award – Public Building (Built) -InsideOut School by Andrea Tabocchini & Francesca Vittorini
1st Award – Public Building (Concept) -Etobicoke Civic Center by Henning Larsen & Adamson Associates Architects (USA)
1st Award – Residence (Built) – Live Edge by Nathan Good Architects
1st Award – Transportation (Concept) – Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan by Mecanoo architecten
1st Award – Urban Design -Weaving Communities A Bazaar Weekend by Samantha Ong


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