Research Unit- Lahore Biennale Foundation

An integral part of the Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF), the Research Unit aims to foster archival, experimental, and theoretical investigations that offer new insights into the art and visual culture of Pakistan. The Research Unit will provide a platform for investigative learning, focusing on modern and contemporary art, visual culture and its social dimensions in Pakistan and its diasporas. It is committed to supporting creative art practices, promote a diverse cultural ecology, and encourage interdisciplinary approaches and outcomes.


The Research Unit aims to encourage primary research on artistic cultures and to support writing, workshop training, and curatorial practices. It offers a program of Grants and Awards, which aim to foster research capacities at individual, collective, and institutional levels. The Research Unit will support excellence and best practices during the research process and is committed to sharing the research results in an open-access framework.


The Research Unit programs will also encourage art philanthropy in Pakistan to focus more on supporting research, by building relationships with private, government, institutional and corporate partners, both domestically and internationally.


Structure of the Research Unit


  • Core Team

The Core Team provides sustained and ongoing direction and advice to the Research Unit. The team includes experts, field leaders, and heads of institutions.

Core team members of this new initiative include:
Iftikhar Dadi (Cornell University)
Sean Anderson (MoMA)

Salima Hashmi (Beaconhouse National University)
Jane Debevoise (Asia Art Archive)
Naazish Ata-Ullah (Former Principal, National College of Arts)
Hammad Nasar (Stuart Hall Foundation)


  • Mentors

Each Grant will have a dedicated Mentor who offers ongoing guidance to the grantee for their respective project.

  • Network

An academic platform for sharing of knowledge and resources and creating a channel for dialogue and discourse.


The Research Unit will offer both Grants and Awards, many developed in collaboration with other foundations and organizations.


Grants focus on new research programs.
Awards recognize existing accomplishments.


Procedure for Grants and Awards:


  1. Each Grant and Award will have its own specific criteria and framework, which will be designed by LBF and its partners.
  2. Each opportunity will be announced through open calls or nominations.
  3. Selections will be made via an external juried process.
  4. One member of the jury will also serve as a mentor to the awardee. This will ensure greater success in pursuing research objectives and presenting its findings.
  5. Each project will conclude in a deliverable form that enables the preservation and open dissemination of knowledge gathered.
  6. Applicants may include anyone holding a college degree interested in art and visual culture from Pakistan, including artists, historians, academics, critics, curators, collectors. Preference will be given to researchers residing in Pakistan.




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