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Rescued Art

It all starts under a temporary roof of randomly stitched pieces of discarded fabric stretched into one rectangular after another and held up by old dried out bamboo trunks forming a protection from bright shining sun, where one vendor after another has spread all the discarded items coming in from the first world countries.

This is a weekly makeshift bazaar of junk where every thing is spread in a random mosaic of old used utensils, workout clothing , decoration items, tools, and all everything under the roof which has been trashed by their owners in some first world country.

Whats specially attracts me to visit these markets tirelessly every Sunday since almost the past 7 years is art works. Among countless discarded frames and some printed versions of paintings i find real works of art , paintings done on boards, on canvases, on paper, at times in

shattered frames, or even fallen out of them, some over a hundred years old while others only a few decades ago.

In all these years i have managed to rescue some over 500 pieces of originals works, etchings, paintings, and prints. Unfortunately due to the lack of space to display them all, most of them rest in the many storage spaces within my house. but all those which can make it to the walls are up and i keep them shuffling.

The rescued works include “The Pink Pushkar” by Racheal Kantaris, A scratching by Freada Ramsay, the founder of Ramsay Foundation,  a screen printing Christopher Nobel, various Watercolors by Peter Basham and many other artists.


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