In collaboration between VM gallery and Roohbaru, a non-profit organisation founded to create awareness about mental health and provide online consultations, Rehai opened on the 13th of September, 2019 showcasing works on the theme of mental illnesses and the many factors that contribute to it , with everyday schedule of activities such as family art therapy and yoga, whilst also holding panel discussions and public talks.



The show opened with an art exhibition featuring works by Abdullah Qureshi, Adeel Uz Zafar, Faizan Riedinger, Marium M. Habib, Noormah Jamal, Rabia S. Akhtar and Sohail Zuberi. The works put up were configured on self-reflection and escape, ranging from portraits to an assortment of mark making with ink on paper, archival prints and fantastical works in watercolour.



Not only does Rehai provide reverential discourse on identity and its many complexities, it also aims to provide a safe space for individuals to step up, converse about the tabooed subject matter and learn about the various options available.



The opening exhibition is intended to run until the 22nd of September, 2019 at the VM Art gallery.


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