The ability to reflect is deeply human. While the mirror shows us our physical reflection and likeness, reflecting with our imaginations allow us to consider and contemplate ourselves in relation to others near us. In the case of artists, photographers, and writers, their reflections are often in relation to the larger world, and what they deliberate and imagine is often articulated to an audience.

Six artists – Adeel Uz Zafar, Ali Kazim, Mudassar Manzoor, Muhammad Zeeshan, R. M. Naeem and Waseem Ahmed
Six photographers – Jaffer Hasan, Khalil Shah, Qudsia Shahnawaz, Amean J., Hassan Rana and Mudassar Dar
Six writers РZarmeen̩ Shah, Julius John Alam, Sana Kazi, Seher Naveed, Numair A. Abbasi and Sehr Jalil

A logistical nightmare?
A recipe for an egotistical showdown?
A case of too many cooks and lots of spoiled broth?


For Reflection, each artist produced three pieces; one that shows their signature style, the second being a self-portrait, and the third showing a departure in style and theme. Each of the six photographers has captured one of the six artists as the subject of their photographs, while each artist has engaged with a writer of their choice. What we witness is a tug-of-war between expectations and innovations. Reflection opens at Sanat Gallery on February 6, 2018 and continues until February 15, 2018.


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