Purification by Fire



Ahsen Asif’s exhibition, titled ‘Purification by Fire’, opened at Art Chowk on 19th September 2019.



This show was more like experimentation to Asif to discover his true path and look for positive changes that he could make to his work and to himself as an artist. He corresponds this with the idea of a forest catching fire – everything that is old burns down giving space for newer and better beginnings. Likewise, he wished to dispose of his old artwork and find out what catches his interest and what he wants to explore.



His works in this show were dark and gloomy, painted with drab acrylic paints and mostly contain dreary flowers, roses and a few buds blooming which are normally considered to be a bright and lively process but somehow Asif managed to make it look depressing, and scary. Black, red and blue were used repetitively throughout his works that further amplify the dark theme in his paintings.



Purification by Fire will continue till 3rd October, 2019



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