Haider Ali and Noman Siddiqui are artists who were born and raised in Karachi, belonging to middle class families. Both of them are street-smart and well aware of the city, having grown up witnessing the 90s in Pakistan’s largest cosmopolitan city. The city has seen and continues to see diversity in all forms including problems arising through ethnic rivalries, politicized criminal activity, rivaling political factions, sectarian tensions augmented by the ever-bulging population growth – all while being an economic epicenter for the country. The city has gone through tremendous turmoil over the decades and it continues to do so. This reflects as a prologue and epilogue, inexplicable yet persuasive, personal yet impersonal, in the works of both the emerging artists who are documenting, reclaiming and narrating a story of this turbulent city through their eyes and in their own way.

Adeel Uz Zafar
Artist as a Curator


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