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August 2015


Broken Integrity – Khat-e Mahi, Khat-e Paikan, and Khat-e Munfarid: Design Experiments in Non-cursive Fonts for Urdu, Persian and Arabic Scripts

by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Despite the long tradition of abstraction in Arabic, Persian and Urdu calligraphic traditions, I had not come across examples where the letters of a word were written non-cursively while retaining their connection as a word.


Scripts on the Wall

by Jamal Ashiqain

The walls of the city bear scripts, the words meaningless, meaningful, words erased, written over, erased and then written over again.


Mohammad Ali Talpur: Line, Language, Lacunas

by Dua Abbas Rizvi

In plays by Harold Pinter, the pause is where a lot of the action takes place. The pauses intercept and interlace the dialogue, draw words together and distance them, hold and distil meaning, bring a sense of infallibility to speech.


Spaces: Urban, Sacred, Human

by Dr Chloe A. Gill-Khan

'Jaali' takes the viewer on a journey of his own position as a spectator in the artistic space and in everyday life, unsettling the politics and ethics of the gaze.


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