pehchan 3


“Pehchan” is a group show of eight multidisciplinary artists paying tribute to Pakistan on its 71st Anniversary as of August of 2018. The show was held at Studio Seven Gallery on Wednesday, 15th Aug 2018.
The artists Amna khan, Aliyah Ashraf, Asim Javed, Gina Gul, Hadiqa Arshad, Hamad A. Syed, Jamal Ashiqain, Syed Shuja Ahmed exhibited their works using various mediums, highlighting their interpretations and thought processes as an artist on this special occasion.


Their work revolved around different aspects of Pakistan such as poetry, poverty, streets of Pakistan, hardships and struggles individuals went through, and lastly, concept of cultural equity and diversity. The show is on till Aug 21st from 5pm to 8pm.


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