PEEHA ( GRIND) Grosvenor Gallery

Grosvenor Gallery is exhibiting the extraordinary work of Jameel Prize winner Ghulam Mohammad – Peeha (Grind), and his first Solo show from 9 – 29th May 2018, in association with Canvas Gallery, Karachi.  Ghulam Mohammad is trained in traditional miniature painting techniques and with this help, he creates extremely delicate collage works using Urdu letters cut from second books. By this playful reconstruction, he aims to enrich it with a new aesthetic meaning.




Ghulam Mohammad (b.1979) was catapulted to international prominence in 2016 when he won the coveted Jameel Prize, awarded by The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the first Pakistani artist to do so.He speaks five languages and is fascinated by the medium of communication. (Credits: Grosvenor Gallery)


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