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Out of sight by Hamid Ali Hanbhi


Out of Sight’ is a culmination of the year-long Vasl Artists’ Association-Khurram Kasim Art Foundation Research Grant (2019-2020), of which Hamid Ali Hanbhi is the second recipient, as well as a resident artist of Vasl’s 11th Taaza Tareen residency.



The Vasl-KKAF Research Grant is sponsored by the Khurram Kasim Art Foundation and is designed to facilitate emerging visual artists who show an avid interest in building ties within the arts community as well as being diligent and committed to their own practice.



With this show, Hanbhi explores vision through allusive metaphor, bifurcating his response through representation coupled with abstraction. Through a series of diptychs, the artist engages his viewer with alternate modes of perception, offering drawings and paintings in graphite and oil, while the accompanying panel describes the aforementioned in braille.



Along with this unique lexicon, Hanbhi’s series of life-size walking canes cast in surma, analyse ways of seeing that redefine sense-perception as a singular tool against the deeper, primeval conception of experience. Clarity of vision is suggested through holistic impression – from multisensory awareness to illuminated thought-form – sensitively rendering subjects as varied as the sea, the natural terrain and cityscapes of Jacobabad, and the venerated Quaid-e-Azam, within the ambit of visual culture itself; a ‘sight’ not to be missed.



The show remains open daily until Thursday, 15th October, from 11 am – 7 pm (excluding Sunday). We welcome your visits to our space throughout the show’s duration so please feel free to avail the opportunity to see this exciting collection of works.



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