July 20 РSeptember 12 

Global Classroom for art and design, a BNU-MDSVAD initiative, is an online summer program designed to include students, faculty and others from all around the world ensures a dynamic online environment committed to enhancing the educational experience of all that are enrolled. One of the first such summer programs of its kind offered by any Art & Design institution in South Asia, Global Classroom is open to everyone who wants to be inspired and benefit from the expertise of artists and designers in different parts of the world.


Certificate courses (3 and 1.5 credit hours) for everyone form anywhere attend together with a range of FREE workshops for those who sign up for courses/s.  Deadline to reserve your slot 15th July For more details, please visit.



FAQs about Global Classroom

1. What is Global Classroom for Art and Design and who is behind it?

Global Classroom is an online art and design program which includes leading faculty and students from all around the world while ensuring a dynamic online environment committed to enhancing the educational experience of all students that are enrolled. This is a BNU-MDSVAD initiative, led by renowned artist, educator and Dean BNU-MDSVAD Rashid Rana, together with an incredible team of art educators and faculty culled from various parts of the world.

2. What are these courses about?

These special courses fall in the disciplines of Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design, Textile, Fashion & Accessory Design, and Expanded Art & Design (multidisciplinary practices that push the boundaries of art and design through crossovers with traditionally non-art/design disciplines).

3. Who can join these courses and workshops?

Anyone, anywhere can register for these courses and workshops. These courses are not just for undergraduate or graduate students, but for art and design enthusiasts as well. Most courses do not have any prerequisites, however, an active interest is important.

4. What is required to attend these courses?

You need to register to reserve your slots for your chosen courses and workshops on first come first served basis at www.glo.bnu.edu.pk before 15th July. To finalize your slots, fees must be paid by 17th July.

5. What do these courses cost?

3 credit courses are priced at 39,000 PKR / 245 USD per course and 1.5 credit courses are priced at 19,500 PKR / 123 USD per course. Signing up for a course allows participants to attend two of our Sunday workshops for free.

6. Can I earn credits or certification for the courses I attend?

All attendees of these courses will receive certificates upon completion of their courses. However, if you wish to earn transferable credits and receive official BNU transcripts also, proof of completion of 12 years of education must be provided while selecting courses. Graduate credits can also be earned, however conditions apply. For more details please write to us at svad.summers@bnu.edu.pk

7. When do the Global Classroom for art and design start and what are the time commitments?

The semester starts on the 20th of July and will continue till 12th September. Courses that are 1.5 credits will take place once a week and 3 credit courses will take place twice a week. Most courses will end by 4th September, however, some courses being taught on Fri and/ or Sat might run till 12th September because of Eid Holidays falling on those days this yea


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