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Issue 36
Spaces of Anticipation

Issue 36: Spaces of Anticipation
Edited by 
Emanuele Guidi, Lorenzo Sandoval

With contributions by 
Antonia Alampi, BAR Project (Juan Canela, Andrea Novoa, Verónica Valentini), Luis Berríos-Negrón, Sol Calero, Binna Choi, Valentina Desideri, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Doris Krüger and Walter Pardeller, Teobaldo Lagos Preller, Alex Martinis Roe, Christian Nyampeta, Justo Pastor Mellado, Alec Steadman

Spaces of Anticipation is a research project by Lorenzo Sandoval and Emanuele Guidi that looks at artistic and curatorial practices so as to explore the role and potential of artistic and cultural institutional models. So far the project has emerged publically as a symposium with the same title at EACC (Castellón, Spain) and in the research exhibition Making Room, Spaces of Anticipation at ar/ge kunst (Bolzano, Italy). The term ‘anticipation’ aims at proposing an affirmative approach to the research as intends to elude the use of ‘post-isms’ and ‘future-ism’ terminology, which have been largely employed as parameters to discuss present conditions and their responsibilities. 

‘Anticipation’ responds therefore to the immanent need of ‘moving forward’ (of ‘becoming’) – as precondition for any cultural institution – but being grounded in the present and escaping the past/future rhetoric in favour of a cross-temporal dimension. Anticipation seems to be a central responsibility for cultural and artistic institutions who have to act as a porous ‘we’ so as to make possible for a collective desire to emerge.

In these terms 
Spaces of Anticipation aims at gathering practices and relations able to ‘re-territorialize’ existing models of institutions through a genuine ‘desire of becoming’ by acting within present and unexpected conditions.


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Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS),
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ar/ge kunst, Bolzano 

The Institute for Endotic Research

Dorothee Richter

Ronald Kolb


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